Essentials / 門徒進階(一):歸屬 (粵語)-Jun 2022 - Iris



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Essentials 2/ 門徒進階 (二):成長 (粵語)-Sep 2022 - Alice

「門徒進階 (成長」入門課程共有兩個部份,每個部份為兩小時。本課程環繞四個基本操練,幫助你模造自己的成長。如你在生命中建立一個良好的紀律,它會有效地增強你的靈命,並為神所使用。 

報讀此課程的先決條件:你必須是城北華基會員和已完成「門徒進階()(或同等課程 – 101),如你未能確定是否符合這要求,請與「門徒進階」團隊聯絡 ( 

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The Essentials 1: Belong Primer class is 2 sessions, 2 hours each. It's where you will learn about the vision and direction of RHCCC, why and what it takes to be a member and the significance of BELONGING to a small group. 

Please note that the pre-requisites for this class are to be baptized AND have been attending RHCCC for at least 6 months.

RHCCC Zoom Accounts

Mandatory training for all users of RHCCC provided Zoom accounts. This course is intended for Zoom meeting hosts who are already experienced with running Zoom meeting.

Please email to obtain the course enrollment key.

Chung JackWong Jackson


This course is designed for pastors.  One for Cantonese and one for Mandarin.  The content is similar but not exactly the same.

RHCCC Phone System (3CX)

Learn how to setup and use the church phone system.

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