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Essential 2/門徒進階 二 : 成長(粵語)

「門徒進階 (成長」入門課程共有兩個部份,每個部份為兩小時。本課程環繞四個基本操練,幫助你模造自己的成長。如你在生命中建立一個良好的紀律,它會有效地增強你的靈命,並為神所使用 

報讀此課程的先決條件:你必須是城北華基會員已完成「門徒進階()」(或同等課程 – 101),如你未能確定是否符合這要求,請與「門徒進階」團隊聯絡 (essentials@rhccc.ca)。 

Bryan ChanSteven Folts

Essentials 2: Grow Primer (English)

The Essentials 2: Grow Primer class is 2 sessions, 2 hours each. This course revolves around four primary disciplines that will help shape us to grow. If you develop the correct disciplines in your life, they will effectively strengthen you to become all that God meant for you to be.   

 Please note that the pre-requisites for this class are to have completed E1 (or 101) AND to be a Member of RHCCC.  If you are unsure about whether you have completed the pre-requisites you can contact our Essentials Team (essentials@rhccc.ca)

Essentials 4/門徒進階四: 倍增(粵語)

「門徒進階 (倍增」入門課程共有兩個部份,每個部份為兩小時。在課程中你會更清楚知道神對你的呼召;亦會更瞭解神在世上怎樣把祂的子民領回祂的身邊,以及你在傳福音工作上參與。

報讀此課程的先決條件:你必須是城北華基會員已完成「門徒進階()()(或同等課程 – 201301),如你未能確定是否符合這要求,請與「門徒進階」團隊聯絡 (essentials@rhccc.ca)

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