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Geo Group Host Orientation

Summer Campaign Training 
for Geo Group Hosts 
May 10 Tuesday@ 8:00 PM

This is open to all who want to be part of our church's Summer Campaign. Whether you are decided to be a host or not or just want to know about our church's summer campaign, you are welcome to join. We are mobilizing our church to obey God's command to love our neighbors. We do this by connecting with our fellow church members who live near us, and by connecting with our neighbors especially those who don't go to church.

和你傾聖經 @ 認識聖經

聖經被稱為是基督徒的「生命手冊」,明白神的話對我們每一位信主的人而言至關重要。那麼聖經是從哪裡來 ? 為什麼有這麼多不同的聖經版本 ? 如何去查考聖經,理解經文的意思,並正確地將經文應用於生活中,以至我們的生命得以成長呢?歡迎大家參加「認識聖經」!本課程將介紹新舊約聖經的來歷、結構、正典的形成過程,及探索整本聖經的主題。(本課程期盼參與者自訂步伐,在一至五年內讀畢整本聖經一次。完成者將獲頒由主領牧師傅再恩牧師簽署的完成證書,以示鼓勵。)

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